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Let Our Experience and Expertise Add Economic Value to Your Practice.

As a billing company that has over 35 years of medical management and billing experience, we offer a new approach to medical practice billing costs. By converting fixed overhead items such as salaries, benefits, postage, computer purchases, office space, etc., i.e. paying the same dollars if collections go up or down to a variable cost, we offer the services at a cost that varies with collections. If the present trend continues, medical practice overhead will continue increasing while revenues plateau. Why pay more for the same results?




From the time of fee for service payments from carriers to the increasingly complex environment of today's managed care, we have partnered with our clients striving to achieve maximum efficiency, minimize cost and collect every dollar to which is legally entitled. This requires attention to detail as well as being able to see the broad scope of practice operations.


We have a proven history of helping our clients reduce their outstanding accounts receivables.




Our rates vary by specialty. Based on comparisons of information obtained from firms referring to billing companies, our costs to practice for these services are equal to or less than competitors. However, we do not sacrifice the quality of any service provided.





Federal fraud and abuse compliance as well as HIPAA regulations and statutes are fully adhered to and are an integral part of everyday procedures.


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